Kenny Wong

Kenny Wong

Coordinator of the Housing Equity Lab
Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environments

Kenny Wong is a lecturer in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning. He carries experience in the diverse facets of housing design and policy, with a concentration on affordable housing and community development. Driven by commitments to spatial and social justice, he has practiced as a housing advocate, multifamily designer, nonprofit developer, financial consultant, policy analyst and academic researcher between Southern California and the Oakland-East Bay Area.

He was most recently the assistant director of design research at cityLAB UCLA, where his research explored connecting schools with housing development in the School Lands for Housing project and envisioned future scenarios of housing for the California 100. Creative design research and collaborative multidisciplinary approaches are crucial to his investigative and problem-solving methods as a teaching collaborator and former student in the Urban Humanities Initiative.


  • Master of Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning, University of California, Los Angeles
  • BA in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley