Focus Areas

focus areas

Equity, Resilience, Connection and Belonging across the Built Environment

The Drachman Institute is dedicated to supporting the built environment through research and design work with an outreach mission.


Equity, Resilience, Connection and Belonging across the Built Environment


The Drachman Institute has a mission to address issues of equity in the built environment. Currently, the Drachman Institute is working with local partners on a multiyear research project focused on planning and design solutions for chronic housing equity issues in our community.


Now more than ever, the climate emergency calls on researchers and designers in the built environment to lead on adaptive solutions for resilient and sustainable cities. Currently, the Drachman Institute is leading this work through consultation to cities on climate action planning to move urban areas toward carbon positive communities. Given the unique situation in the Desert Southwest, Drachman is dedicated to solving urban water challenges. Over the next four years, Drachman is partnering on a project to provide tangible solutions for cities to reach net zero (and net positive) urban water balances.


The Drachman Institute is committed to an inclusive built environment where there are opportunities for belonging for all. Through our community engagement, design, and outreach work, we connect with a broad base of partners. For example, through the Native Peoples Design Coalition, the Drachman Institute is planning and designing the built environment in ways that support Native American and Indigenous Sovereignty. Our design pedagogy is founded in attentive listening and respectful engagement, honoring Native American and Indigenous culture, land, people, and communities.