Health Sciences Library Visioning & Space Planning Project

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) space planning project aims at modernizing the existing library interior space considering three scenarios for scope and cost.

Health Sciences Library Project


  • PI & Supervisor: Dr. Altaf Engineer
  • Co-PI and Project Manager: Dr. Sandra Bernal
  • Co-PI and Advisor: Dr. Bo Yang
  • Graduate Researchers: Sadia Tasmin Asif Hasan Zeshan
  • Pilot audience “ARC 497 & ARC 597B: Health and Wellbeing” for the gamification activity and acoustic testing

Community Partners and Consultants

  • Health Sciences Library: Janet Crum, Director
  • UA Libraries: Gerald Perry, Associate Dean
  • UA Libraries: Alex Franz-Harder, Admin Assistant
  • Health Sciences Library: Mikel Bates, Building Manager
  • Health Sciences Library: Annabelle Nunez, Associate Director

Project Details

Budget: $34,225

Where: Tucson, Arizona

When: October 2022 - December 2023

Project Overview

The project consists of the development of a long-term vision and architectural plans for an updated library building based on design research and multi-stage participatory activities. It expects to comprehensively incorporate the opinions of students across all health sciences colleges to determine programmatic needs and priorities while consulting faculty and administrators to identify unmet needs relevant to library space. This evidence-based and user-centered approach will support HSL’s vision, assist in fundraising, and broaden stakeholder participation. Schematic design packages based on different scenarios will assist internal and external collaborators in cost estimation and further design development. 

Project Outcomes:

A vision for the Health Sciences Library facility that can be shared with stakeholders and be used to solicit funding based on:

• User-centered design with emphasis on students’ needs and informed assumptions that anticipate future students’ needs.

• Evidence-based design from documents, peer-reviewed publications, previous plans and user feedback on library use, and stakeholder engagement through participatory approaches.

Project Gallery

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