Community Engagement in a Pandemic

Public participation is a vital part of urban planning processes, enabling agencies and advocates to more adequately understand and meet the needs of residents. 

Community Engagement in a Pandemic


Project Details

Budget:  $10,000, funded by Drachman Institute

Where: Tucson, Arizona

When: July 2020 - June 2021

Project Overview

This report seeks to engage these challenges by grounding our work in the interdisciplinary participation literature and by speaking to documenting some of the COVID-19 pandemic shifts in practice to ensure representative public outreach and identifying the lessons and strategies current practitioners have developed to strengthen public outreach during a pandemic. By developing a two-pronged approach to meeting out objectives, the team first examined the gray and academic literature to explore recommendations and guidelines for community engagement. While this study has attempted to capture thematic lessons learned about conducting outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic, more reflection, discussion, and action is necessary to ensure that the relationships and collaboration developed before and during the pandemic continue to strengthen. 

Project Gallery

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