Chauncey Ranch Master Plan

Chauncey Ranch, a 660-acre ranch/farm and camp, serves as a Learning Platform for opportunity youth and families through nature-based therapy, and agricultural, environmental, and outdoor education.

Chauncey Ranch Master Plan

Chauncey Ranch Master Plan Strategies


  • UArizona Architecture Students in ARC410F/510F
  • Teresa Rosano, Assistant Professor of Practice in Architecture

Community Partners

Project Details

Budget: $20,000, Funded by Chauncey Ranch

Where: Mayer, Arizona

When: August 2020 - December 2020 

Project Overview

Students from the University of Arizona School of Architecture established a master plan to guide the development of the Ranch. In keeping with the Ranch’s intrinsic values of resourcefulness, sustainability, community and harmony with the natural environment, they envisioned each element of the master plan to fulfill the tenants of the Ranch’s mission: environmental education, nature-based therapy, agricultural foundation, and improving lives of opportunity youth and families.

Building upon existing legacy and infrastructure, the master plan is organized into eight activity areas, each serving a specific function; some areas augment existing facilities, other areas are new. The master plan proposes a phased approach for achieving its comprehensive vision of blossoming as a place of learning, wonder, discovery, and connection.

Project Gallery

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